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If you read this top to bottom, you’ll understand composting (not many really get it), you’ll see why the Aerobin is so incredibly well engineered for making compost fast, and if you are really going to buy a composter, you’ll buy this one.

Once upon a time there were hundreds of cell phone types, then one day there was really only one, and that was iPhone Day. This Aerobin composter is the iPhone of composters. It is the game changer. With a money back guarantee to make sure you believe us, please read a little further to learn why the Aerobin is the only composter worth buying (in its price class). Yes its more than twice as much as most others, but you’ll read and learn why the Aerobin is literally an ‘investment grade product’. It will pay you back in massive amounts of compost, and you won’t have to buy another one that cracked down the middle after another year of freeze or summer’s UV rays.

One quick return on investment is the speed with which the Aerobin makes compost, which is nearly four times as fast as any other composter on the market, in the world. Not only does it decompose organic yard and kitchen stuff faster, it can break it down to nearly coffee grounds consistency. It can do this because a compost ‘heap’ needs heat, and oxygen. The microbes that devour fresh green matter thrive in the heat. The Aerobin gets hotter faster and maintains that heat day and night because the double walls and top are foam insulated. That alone is a huge difference from the thin walled composters that permeate the marketplace. No heat, no break-down.

Next is airflow. Most composters have some sort of way to get a little air into the heap, but they really only get a little air to the outer edges of the heap. The Aerobin has a patented ‘center lung’ system that constantly draws fresh air up from under the composter and distributes it from top to bottom, in the center of the heap where the action really takes place. This constant airflow feeds the good microbes, but it also does another incredibly unique thing. Have you ever heard that composters have a rotting smell? Its true if there isn’t consistent airflow. Weak airflow means that non aerobic microbes take over the good microbes. Those bad microbes are literally the rotting oder, not the stuff breaking down. The good microbes eat the heap faster and actually give off a sweet forest-like earthy scent, which most of our noses consider pleasant.

The Aerobin is also rodent proof, and not many composters can say that. There is literally no way in to the Aerobin.

Then there is Compost Tea. Sounds odd, but the moisture inside the Aerobin moves down the heap and into a hidden reservoir underneath. A little spigot drains this rich watery tea into your container, and that tea on houseplants or outdoors is like nitroglycerin, its like Miracle Grow on steroids, and its 100% natural and you made it yourself.

Lastly……Tumbler Composters. While they might look fun and very effective at turning a heap to add air, they get really heavy to turn but worse, you’re constantly mixing new stuff with old stuff. When do you actually get to take anything out? One way to is buy two of them, but now your investment in Aerobin starts looking really good. Maybe keep filling the one tumbler till its packed, then buy another one and start over, but don’t forget to keep turning the full one 2-3 times a week because those bad microbes get going and are going to attract bad animals and repel your neighbors.

Give me a call if you want to talk about this. Charlie 206 409-9626

Aerobin with compost and waste

The Aerobin Composter is an investment grade product where sophisticated technology meets the everyday compost pile head on. Discover how the Aerobin system works, why it can make compost even in colder months of winter, and how it is built to last.

The Aerobin

Aerobin in use at the Hideaway Santa Barbara. A boutique hotel with full breakfast focused on reducing food waste and improving the health of their gardens.

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